Summer 2005

Birthdays, Rhode Island, and Maine -- Oh My!

Not SO convinced that birthday cakes and candles are a good idea ...

A visit from her Buescher grandparents



The first stop of the Summer trip: Rhode Island, where we saw Michael's brother Stephen and sister My-Angela, Stephen's wife Emilia, and their son Atlas, about a year and a half younger than Maple.  Maple got to Splash! in the Atlantic

Squirrel Island, Maine ...

A Front-Porch conversation with Namma

Picking Blueberries with Uncle Bryan

At the beach with Vanya, another 3rd-generation FECH

The sand portrait!

 Then off to Vermont!

Visiting Chris and Susan -- note the Raspberry Face on the little one.

Maple with another good-looking couple.

Atop Mount Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak.


Bye-Bye, Summer!

Last updated January 5, 2006