Spring 2005

The snow finally melts!  Almost.  Then comes again.  Then melts again.  Then ...

Hello from Maple!

A late winter storm brings a chance for building a snowman -- and for placing LOTS of eyes, buttons, hair, pimples, ...


A trip to Lake FarmPark with Aunt Jamie -- baby cows and baby sheep!

Meeting Emily & Josh Cross-Barnet

Indoor fun!

Going Geocaching in the woods around Cleveland Heights -- and retrieving a little stuffed cat that Aunt Jamie had sent all the way from California!

Maple enjoying another cat.

Eventually it got warm ... like by Mother's Day.  Three Elsilas celebrate the sunshine.


At the Shaker Square farmer's market.  The second picture was a "Photo of the Day" in the Cleveland Plain Dealer!


When it finally gets warm, our little gardener can get to work!


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