Maple's First Week

June 5-12, 2003

Maple finds something disturbing about her birth certificate.

Looking stylish in a sun hat; entranced by a gift from India.

The first check-up with Blayne the midwife.

Naptime for everyone.

Very Scandinavian in her pram from Sweden, lined with a Finnish sheepskin; auditioning for a milk ad.

Held by dad; looking to mom.

Maple's Second Week

June 13-20

With our wedding window and a tin of Maple Syrup

Leave me alone! (a preview of the teenage years)

Another Family Portrait

There are more photos from June on the Newborn, Day One, GrandElsilas, GrandBueschers, and Cousin Rory pages.

We have larger copies of these; e-mail us if you would like one.

Last updated June 25, 2003