Maple's Second Month

July 2003

"If only I can get my hands on that ..."

Out to Lorain County ... nine pounds of baby and twenty pounds of blueberries!

Maple poses for some lovely black-and-white shots as the Player, the Sleeper, and the Thinker.

During July, before even attaining the tender age of two months, Maple dipped her feet in both the Atlantic (left) and Pacific (right) oceans, in Maine and California.

To get there, Maple made her first trips on a boat and a plane, with a variety of reactions.

Maple learns Scrabble in the lap of the master ... if she takes after either the Bueschers or the Elsilas, she'll grow up to be a big game player.

She still likes music ... someday she'll like it when she's awake too!

And at the end of two months, we're all still tired.

Also see photots from our July trips to Maine and California

Last updated August 31, 2003