Kari, Michael, Maple, and Laurel in Cleveland Heights, 2008

Michael Kurt Buescher

e-mail: michael@mbuescher.com
or mbuescher@hb.edu
Nils, David, Michael in Sydney


I'm ecstatically married to my best friend, Kari Elsila. We have two beautiful daughters, Maple and Laurel, and we live in a lovely house in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. See family photos.

I have a way cool family who are scattered all over the world.

I play the guitar, sometimes along with Kari, who plays the oboe.

Circle Pines Center Until recently, I served on the Board of Directors of Circle Pines Center, a co-operative summer camp and retreat center in southwestern Michigan where Kari and I met many years ago.


Hathaway Brown School I am a mathematics teacher at Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

I have been teaching high school mathematics and computer science since 1990. During this time, I have focused on the integration of computer technology and symbolic manipulators into the high school curriculum. A number of the resources I use or have developed are publicly available.

I have been a presenter at various mathematics education conferences.  You can find here links to materials from the presentations.  The links below take you to conference sites.


My C.V. contains a partial listing of conferences, papers, and the like.

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e-mail: michael@mbuescher.com
or mbuescher@hb.edu
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